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The COVID-19 pandemic and related mitigation measures have caused a massive shock across Europe and around the world. Besides increasing conditions such as fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness or grief, this crisis has also severely impacted the national economy and the income of many individuals. Children, youth, adults, and the elderly have been impacted. Meanwhile, of equal worry is the proposition that the present crisis is set to be a lasting one.

It is a time of great challenges but also of great opportunities. It is a time to strengthen our faith, our hope, and our health. A time to use our talents and multiply them. A time to help those around us who are suffering in so many ways: a lonely neighbor, a depressed colleague, a grieving parent…. and a time to answer God’s call in demonstrating His loving-care. Our time and our opportunity to bring hope

“Caring in time of crisis” will help you to answer that call by getting critical insights into the lives of those who most struggle and providing a scientific understanding of various health & life conditions. Learn how to use and maximize the tools to minister to people's needs.

You can make a difference today!

1. Jesus our example

2. Following in His Footsteps

3. Connecting with others

4. Perceived needs versus real wants

5. Why compassion is so important?

6. The Adventist understanding of wholeness 

7. Crisis - Characteristics & personal consequences

8. Mental health and Illnesses

9. Depression

10. Anxiety

11. Suicide

12. Loneliness

13. Grief

14. Factors to mental health


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